In the past couple of years, Australian bass sensation ShockOne (aka Karl Thomas) has had his share of big successes. Tunes like “Crucify Me,” “Relapse,” and “Chaos Theory“—the latter of which has nearly cracked the #1 spot in our D&B charts—all anticipate ShockOne’s 2013 full-length debut, titled Universus, which will surface on Viper Recordings.

We had the Perth-based artist gather a top ten favorite tracks to give us a better glimpse into what to expect with the forthcoming album. Beware: It gets a bit silly.

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I wrote this. It took me fucking ages. But it’s pretty good now, I think, cuz I made it have really loud bits and squealy bits but have bass at the same time. And the drums are really big and sound like you are playing drums in a big church and stuff. And there is a man talking about chaos theory, which is like science and stuff, cuz I want my music to be more intelligent, so I made him talk about tricky smart things that no one really understands anything about but talks about to sound smart.

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I like this song because it has very pretty sounds and a singer that sounds like a nice lady. Also, the man who wrote it is very handsome and kind and I like him—his name is Nick. This song makes me feel like I am flying or riding my bike really, really fast but my bike can fly through the clouds super-fast when the loud bits happen. And then I like how it changes at the end to go even fast like you press the turbo button on your bike or something.

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My sister Reija Lee sings on this song and it is written by my friend Tom (Metrik). They are both pretty cool so they got together and wrote a song together. I think it sounds very cool. This song is like the last one, but instead of flying, it’s like you are falling down for ages and ages, but you aren’t scared you smash to bits on the ground because the nice-sounding song will save you from splattering. My sister is a pretty good singer; she is lucky—she just sings without trying. If I try and sing, it sounds crappy. Even if I try loads, as hard as I can, it still comes out all bad.

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I like how this song has loud bleepy things that sound like a computer is singing to you and then an African man goes “Hey!” really loud right in your ear so he can surprise you before the computer sings again. They probably are working together to surprise you and sing a song together. The best bit, though, is that it sometimes sounds like you are in a jungle, where a computer and man sing at you and jump from the trees going “Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!’

I don’t know why this song is called “Flood,” because it doesn’t really sound like what a flood would sound like to me. But it has nice trumpets in it and loud bassy bits that make me want to go to the toilet a bit.

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This is my favorite song this week. It has a girl and a boy singing in it, but the girl sounds like she is singing in an empty pool at the leisure center down the road; maybe she is asking for someone to help her out because there is no ladder. Sometimes when the man sings he sounds a little bit like a lady because he sings very high, like he is trying to pretend to be a lady, but it still sounds really great. I like it when the bassy bits come in because it makes me want to run around the lounge room lots and jump on the couch a bit, but then Mum tells me off because she just folded the clothes that were sitting on the couch and I made a mess again.

I like this song cuz it has loads of wobbly bits that make me want to do a silly dance really fast, like my arms are made of jelly.

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I love this song cuz it sounds very angry, and I like to listen to it if I’m angry and I pretend I am in a videogame, like Double Dragon, doing roundhouse kicks on bad guys and they go flying 10 meters away. One time I got in a fight and punched a guy, but my mum made me go back to his house and apologize to him and his mum made him apologize to me, too.

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I like to listen this song and pretend I am in a movie like Rocky, and there is a montage in the beginning bit where the wind is blowing in my face, but then I am in the ring and another bad guy is boxing against me, but because the music is so loud, I win. This song sounds like the computer is screaming at me to do my chores a bit, like, “Clean your room, mister, or you won’t get to go to the waterslides this weekend!”

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I like this song because it sounds like there is a war in your city and a nuclear bomb is going to get dropped on your house and there’s a warning siren—WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAOOOOOOOR—but then the middle bit is like, “No, no—it’s okay. It was just a false alarm. Let’s all go and have a sandwich in the park and have a jump around in the grass,” but then when you are at the park they realize it wasn’t a false alarm and you have to run home while the siren is going WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAOOOOOOOR, and hopefully you make it home just in time before the bomb hits your house, but your house has an invisible force-field that protects you.