Look—we come across a lot of videos everyday. Some of ’em are good, some not so good; and then some are just flipping amazing, like today’s clip that shows how you can tune a stream of water with sound waves. Seriously, just wow.

– Avicii has been added to the growing list of mentors for this year’s burn studios Residency program in Ibiza. If you wanna get in on the action, make sure you enter by March 18. (full story)

– All we can say is this is pretty damn incredible—tuning a stream of water with sound waves. Quick reading and start watching.

– Don’t Call It #BlogPop—episode six of RBMA’s H∆SHTAG$ series is up, featuring AlunaGeorge, Teengirl Fantasy, and more of today’s cutting-edge indie stars of the internet. (full story)

– Yesterday, Luca Bacchetti inaugurated his new label, Endless, with the “Atlantic” single. Check it.

– We love Wiley. Why? Cuz he’s awesome. So we’re super-pumped that Ascending, a documentary on the legendary London grime MC, is on its way April 1.

– So, who does Vice nominate to ruin the current house music revival? Read on and see. (full story)