Twitter certainly can be a useful tool for fomenting dissent—and it seems to be a particularly mobilizing force for spurned DJs, as is the case with Hardwell and Dyro, who have launched a little Twitter campaign against one Canadian club that did them wrong.

– Apparently, Hardwell and Dyro ran into some trouble the other night in Canada. Check out Hardwell’s Twitter feed for more details on what went down in Kingston, Ontario. (full story)

– London-based techno powerhouse Kate Simko recently taught a Logic Pro Masterclass at the city’s Point Blank production school. You can watch the whole thing for free below, so take notes! (full story)

– While the last couple years found Avicii in the midst of some huge success, it also took its toll on him a bit. “I was drinking a whole lot more and I was going to after-parties and just generally not being very professional. But my body just couldn’t take it and I ended up in the hospital.” (full story)

– With his Fabric67 mix out last week, digger extraordinaire Ben UFO takes FACT on a trip to a London storage facility full of gems. Check out what he takes home.

– Man, London sure is calling today… The Bloc organization—producers of the ill-fated festival from last year—has started producing events again, and gave Resident Advisor a bigger-picture look at their situation. (full story)

– So, as it happens, Daft Punk apparently have showed up in a few commercials over the years. Vice’s Noisey blog takes a look at their history of selling consumer goods. (full story)