If you’re a fan of ’90s big-beat electronica, you likely went off your head to the sounds of Underworld’s classic “Rez” tune. In short, it’s an old-school classic. Santa Cruz-based producer Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton) was one of those fans. “It was instant euphoria. And that’s a musical element of a lot of big rave tracks from back in the day which really affected me,” he says of his first time hearing the iconic tune. “I most definitely love that kind of joyous, heavenly sound, and ‘Rez’ has a magic to it right away with that beautiful synth.”

A couple of days back, Ashton released his own remix of the track. “It was a massive undertaking to get the stems from Underworld, in part because they had been created long ago on gear that was either non-functioning or non-existent,” Ashton tells us. “When they finally delivered the stems it took a long time to edit and process them, and then to merge it with a ‘drop’ while avoiding it sounding like ‘a dubstep song’ because I didn’t want to veer away from the original too much.”

The best part? “Creating that wall of percussion was fun,” says Ashton. “A trillion toms and snares and hand drums and a big 808, which combine into a stampede of driving rhythm.” Check out Bassnectar’s remix below, along with the original.