As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. So, as the warm summer sun sets on this season’s festivities in Ibiza, we wanted to check in with some of the amazing people that make the Spanish isle’s party happen—night in and night out. One of them is French-German DJ producer Jean Claude Ades (aka JCA), who runs Be Crazy, a label and club night held each Wednesday at Ibiza’s Ushuaia Tower. We spoke with the Be Crazy resident from his studio in Ibiza about his 15-year love affair with deep, sexy, soulful dance music, some of his fondest memories of the season, and the coolest thing about partying all-night in Ibiza. Read on and check out Be Crazy’s exclusive Beatport Mixes below.

What’s the most exciting thing about doing a party in Ibiza?

For me, Ibiza is the number-one worldwide party spot. To have this international flair of people from all over the world having a good time makes it really special. To host your own event on this island is tons of work, but you can put all your creativity into it because anything is possible. There’s plenty of competition, so you really have to make sure that every single event is unforgettable with great artists, music, and special shows.

What can the crowd expect from your club night?

Sexy beats, beautiful people, amazing location, anthemic tunes, all with a slightly decadent, wild, and crazy atmosphere!

What are some of your fondest memories this summer?

Of course, the opening of Be Crazy and the Ushuaia Tower was a perfect start of our Be Crazy event and the season for me. The shows, music, and party people melted together and created a perfect synergy. Also, playing the closing set at ANTS at Ushuaia was a great night with an unbelievable party crowd.

What’s the concept behind the Be Crazy label?

I founded Be Crazy Music last year because I thought it would be good to connect it with our events in Ibiza. Here, I can build talent through the events and label and provide a good platform for artist development. I have a great team taking care of the label and we are working on new tracks and signing new talent to give the label the right musical direction.

What new releases do you have coming up?

On September 20, we’re releasing a new single, John Monkman’s “L.O.V.E.R.” and a Be Crazy Friends #1 EP in October on Be Crazy Music. Also, the track “Excited (Jean Claude Ades Mix)” will be released on Get Physical soon.

What’s next for you?

I’m slated to play worldwide gigs now during the winter, but most of all, I’m happy to concentrate on my music and to have the time to sit in the studio and work on exciting, new productions.