A few weeks back, Ibiza’s International Music Summit hosted its IMS Engage conference in Los Angeles, to bring some of the business/fun associated with the White Isle down to Southern California. In doing so, they put together a stellar lineup of talks by some of the dance-music industry’s heaviest hitters—among them, Diplo, Skrillex, Pete Tong, and other artists speaking with impresarios and business folk like Sony’s President of Electronic Music Patrick Moxey, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter, SFX’s Shelly Finkel, and many more. Among one of the conversations was a chat between Beatport’s CEO Matthew Adell and author, philosopher, and all-around futurist Jaron Lanier, who has, for decades, both shaped the technology we consider commonplace today—like that thingy called the internet—and been one of its fiercest devil’s advocates. Now their entire one-and-a-half-hour talk, which addresses how tech has been both a boon and a burden to the modern musician, is available to stream in its entirety. It’s an eye- and ear-opening discussion, so check it out below.