Boom! Bang! Sizzle! These are just a few onomatopoeiac words that have been used to describe the current #1 on the Beatport Top 100, Tommy Trash’s version of The Aston Shuffle’s “Sunrise (Won’t Get Lost).” While it’s been chilling at top spot for quite some time now, it isn’t the only successful collaboration that Mr. Trash has been a part of this year (you may remember this energized number not too long ago, which Trash made with Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso).

But if variety is the spice of life, Tommy Trash (aka Thomas Olsen) is one of the “spiciest” producers out there, utilizing his kinetically fresh approach on every project he tackles—no matter who he’s tackling it with. We caught up with him to talk partnerships, table tennis, and what he listens to while driving.

Congrats on your #1 on Beatport! I’ve often wondered how producers collaborate on new projects. For instance, tell us about how you and Sebastian Ingrosso came together and how you infused both of your ideas to create such a great track.

Seb and I began the track over iChat and threw around some ideas online. Shortly after, I moved to LA and we got into the studio together and got a lot of the work done. Then it was months of tweaking and testing in clubs before Refune finally released it! I think Seb and I both have a love for melody and nice harmonies, and had a pretty similar vision from the outset, so this collab happened very naturally without too much push and pull in regards to the compositional ideas.

[bpaudio id=”3844258″]

Comparing this one to other collabs, what would you say is the hardest part about producing with someone else rather than just yourself?

Usually when I collab, I find that there’s always a certain level of compromise that has to take place to keep the other person happy. When you’re flying solo, there’s only one person to please!

Who would you like to work with in the future?

There’s so much music I love and respect in dance music, and in other genres. I think Wolfgang Gartner is totally amazing and would love to work with him, and Kill the Noise as well. Dave Grohl, Bon Iver, and Chris Martin would be pretty sweet, too, but I don’t like my chances on that!

We seem to be in the age of genre blending. Slewing all of your eclectic styles into one word, what would you call your sound?

I think electechtrouse sums it up.

How does 2013 look for Tommy Trash?

2013 is looking to be the busiest year yet! I have some releases on Size, Mau5trap, and Refune, as well as some more on Downright. There’ll be lots of US and European touring. I’d love to really improve the engineering side of my work and get my mixdowns sounding tighter and fatter.

Who are you outside of music?

A lover of good food and fine wine. I’m a bit of a table tennis pro, too, according to my friends. And definitely a textbook Scorpio.

If I took a drive with you in the car, I’d be surprised to find that you…?

Listen to no dance music at all!