Today, Beatport and music-ID app developer Shazam announced a deal to add the entire Beatport catalog to the Shazam database, allowing DJs and fans to more easily and quickly identify dance tracks they’re hearing simply by holding up their phones.

This is a perfect marriage of club culture and tech culture, one that adds even more value to the labels and artists who sell their music, often exclusively, through Beatport. Before this deal, the only way fans could learn the name of a song when they heard it in the club was to get up the nerve to ask the DJ. Or maybe do a little trainspotting (which is getting harder to do these days). Now, they can discover new music and get turned on to the artists and labels that make Beatport what it is without leaving their spot on the dancefloor.

Beatport ingests some 20,000 new tracks every week, about a third of which are exclusively available before any other retailer gets them. By providing these songs to Shazam, we’re ensuring that clubgoers can immediately discover new songs the very same weekend they debut in the club. This is especially important for our independent label partners and suppliers. We have deals in place with more than 3,600 suppliers representing over 20,000 labels that Shazam may not ever get around to striking deals with directly.

And it couldn’t come at a better moment. We’ve all seen the interest in dance music grow to an all-time high, particularly in the US. Our partnership with Shazam gives newcomers to the scene the chance to more quickly educate themselves on the music we all love, and gives DJs the chance at exposure to an even larger audience of fans around the world. Connecting DJs and fans has always been at the heart of Beatport’s mission.

Perhaps the next greatest feeling there is to discovering a new song is sharing that song with others. Because we serve DJs, the music bought on Beatport is played to thousands—sometimes tens of thousands—of listeners. Helping those listeners discover and then share that same music with others only extends the cycle even further. And that’s a good feeling.