Laura Clock—better known by her stage name, Butterclock—gained early notoriety last year with her hypnotic vocals layered over San Franciscan producer oOoOO’s productions, like 2012’s “NoWayBack” and “Springs.” Since then, she’s built on that momentum with the release of her own dreamy, downtempo productions that blend mesmerizing, self-written vocals with slow-jam rave beats. Her first mark on 2013’s calendar was the video for “Don’t,” an aptly haunting video that follows Butterclock through a series of blurry memory-like visions, perfectly attuned to the track’s lo-fi allure and hazy overtones. First Prom, Butterclock’s highly anticipated debut solo EP with production contributions from oOoOO, is set for release in 2013, which, at this rate, is sure to be a big year for the Berlin-based singer.

Sum up 2012 in three words.

Anxiety. Crystals. Michelle Obama.

There’s been a lot written about you lately… tell us one thing about yourself that the press has missed.

That l am secretly doing all of this to get Soulja Boy’s attention to feature on one of his songs. He is my hero.

Have a favorite track from last year?

Besides you, who else should we keep an eye on this year?

Future. He is really good. A swedish girl producer called Merely.

Any predictions for 2013, music or otherwise?

Well, we’re all still alive, so that’s good news already. l miss good old Latin dancehall, like Papy Sanchez. I wish he would make a comeback. l hope JJ will release a new record, too. A new film by Xavier Dolan… yeah, all of that combined would make 2013 special.