If you heed Debbie Deb’s sage words, you’ll know that “weekends were made for fun.” So, let’s have some: A production contests, a Detroit techno film, dark and twisted sounds from Mexico, and some super-rad Technics 7-inch turntables are all here to take you into the weekend. Behold!

– Ready to make the transition from “wax to tracks”? (That’s from DJing to producing, if you haven’t had your morning coffee yet.) Then submit your application for DJ TechTools latest contest to get a little help from Ableton along the way, along with more awesome prizes. (full story)

– We’re digging Biz Markie’s 7-inch Technics turntables. Apparently, Biz is the only person in the world with the super-rare Technics SL-700s. (full story)

– It’s pretty rad that Kevin Saunderson’s son Dantiez is taking up the old man’s techno torch. Fittingly, Dubspot brought the two together to talk techno’s past and future. (full story)

– If dark and twisted electro sounds are your thing, you should get hip to what’s happening in Mexico City’s underground, courtesy of artists like DJ Smurphy, Los Macuanos, N.A.A.F.I., and more. (full story)

– Just what do John Coltrane and Miles Davis have to do with the music of Depeche Mode? Electronic Beats talk with frontman Dave Gahan about these rather odd musical connections.

– Lastly, after a bit of a shakeup, Tim Westwood is leaving BBC Radio 1. (full story)