Francis Harris’ Scissor & Thread label is one of the few boutique imprints that maintains consistent quality while dipping its toes in the waters of every genre imaginable. From the sparse and spacey techno of nsi.’s remix of Harris’ “Pharaoh in the Morning” to their most recent release, Bob Moses’ “Hand to Hold,” Scissor & Thread have proven that they’ll be building a storied catalog in 2013 and beyond.

Bob Moses’ (aka Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie) second outing on Scissor & Thread is another low and slow, vocal-driven deep-house groover, wreathed in organic warmth and silky-smooth, early-evening sonics. The Hands to Hold EP is an inimitable synthesis of styles I’m still trying to wrap my head around, but I’m certain that the nearly 100 repeat listens of the title track already are giving me a slightly better idea.