The Bohemian Groove are a shadowy force made up of Canadians Jokers of the Scene and Renaissance Man’s Ville Haimala. After intense contemplation sessions based on California’s Bohemian Grove “campgrounds,” the ka-tet plotted their shared destinies in a dotted line to Brooklyn’s forward-thinking Throne of Blood Records, which is a solid fit for the “punk-phunk” disco sounds of their brand-new High Jinks EP, pulled from a soon-to-be-released larger body of works.

All versions of “High Jinks” (and “Low Jinks” for that matter) are roughly seven-minute journeys, each unlike the next. For today’s Track of the Day, Portuguese duo Photonz’s attempt tosses the original slow-burning disco groover “High Jinks” into an atmospheric time machine with ’90s-rave hoovers, trumpets, and re-imagined helicopter bass struggling to survive against an unstoppable, modern polyrhythmic techno invasion.