Hot off of a busy Miami Music Week and keeping the momentum up for the release of his DJ-Kicks compilation this April, producer/DJ Maceo Plex introduces us to his groovy rendition of Ali Love and Kali’s “Emperor.” Although Maceo started teasing his remix of “Emperor” well before its official release, like on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show, it wasn’t until Miami Music Week that the track seemed to explode.

From party to party, set to set, and podcast to more podcasts, “Emperor” has done what most Maceo Plex tracks and remixes do: it captivates listeners and wears out the repeat button. His chopped-up remixing style, some deep repetitive vocals (“bow down”), funky horns and trumpets, and an upbeat chorus make for the quintessential Maceo Plex track. Don’t disregard the original tune, though. On its own, its soulful male and female entrancing disco-vibe vocals are reminiscent of last year’s anthem “Benediction,” but Maceo’s Last Disco Remix just kicks in a higher dose of bass and serves up his typical funky attitude.