After completing the European leg of his brand-new live tour, Boys Noize (aka Alexander Ridha) brought the whole shebang stateside last Friday, making a splash during the first show in NYC. Ridha told us that he had been, “Thinking about a live show for a long time, and…thought it made sense to do it now,” given the release of his third studio album, Out of the Black.

Boys Noize is known for his mastery at performing with CDJs, but for this tour he decided to lose the standard DJ tools and utilize a live set-up, consisting of controllers for syncing visuals and running elements of his music through Ableton, in addition to a sound card mixer and effects units for filtering.

Tracks from Out of The Black, like “XTC,” exploit his impressive range of sound and his uniquely distorted synths, but attendees can also expect to hear tried-and-true gems from Power and Oi Oi Oi on the tour. Ridha further evokes nostalgia on this tour by bringing back his trademark skull, initially introduced on his first album, in the form of his performance booth.

Another inspired element of the production stems from Boys Noize’s emulation of Kraftwerk concerts where “the visuals kind of react to what they played,” which led him to sync his music after playing “a lot of clubs and festivals where you have those huge LED walls—but everything is so random.” Going back to the roots of electronic music serve the show well and create a united element that only elevates Boys Noize’s already dynamic presence.

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Catch Boys Noize Live on tour at the following dates:
12/06 – Montreal @ Telus Theatre + DJEDJOTRONIC
12/07 – Toronto @ Sound Academy + DJEDJOTRONIC, Rynecologist
12/08 – Chicago, IL @ House of Blues + Le1f, DJEDJOTRONIC, Destructo
12/09 – Maplewood, MN @ Myth
12/12 – Vancouver, BC @ Venue
12/14 – Oakland, CA @ Fox Theatre + Strip Steve
12/15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium + Le1f, UZ, Strip Steve, Destructo
12/16 – San Diego, CA @ House of Blues + Strip Steve, Destructo
12/17 – El Paso, TX @ Buchanan’s