A sample pack isn’t an “easy button” for writing electronic music. But it can be a nice direct IV of creativity when you’re suffering through a dearth of inspiration, or it can add subtle, atmospheric ambiance that when run through a digital wringer of effects can sculpt some of the most twisted sounds a human being could imagine. Brendon Moeller’s latest sample library, Ricochet Into Forever, is a perfect example of a pack that concentrates on the fundamental building blocks for a twisted after-hours dub-techno rumbler. Stripped-down drum loops, bubbly, spaced-out arpeggios, perfectly EQ’d synth stabs, and deep dubby basslines all create a pro-grade starting point for seasoned producers, or a little extra polish for production greenhorns searching for the final flourishes on their first tracks.

We asked Moeller how he came up with the awesome sounds on Ricochet Into Forever, and he gave us a rundown of his massive collection of digital and analog gear.

“My sample pack was composed having an equal amount of analog and digital jam sessions utilizing the following gear: Dave Smith Tempest drum machine, Roland Juno 106, Novation Nova, Analogue Solutions Leipzig S, Roland JP8080, Elektron Monomachine, iPad 2 running Finger Bassline and Animoog, Boss Ee 20 Space Echo, Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain Pedal, Ableton 8 and Reason 6.5. As you can tell my studio is comprised of an equal amount of digital and hardware composition and production tools. I like to straddle both worlds as both bring something valuable and unique to the table. My intention for the pack was to create samples that can be used in both the production and DJ context.”

Grab Moeller’s sample pack here on Beatport Sounds.