As the UK further delves into the forays of bass music, the Bristol-based duo My Nu Leng has been gaining the attention of many of the industry’s key players. Tommy and Jammo are both relative newcomers to the UK’s garage/dubstep scene and despite the seeming saturation of the genre, the two have exhibited a bold, fresh, and sometimes aggressive interpretation of bass music and all of its accessories. Like many artists on our list, My Nu Leng is equally hard to categorize. But unlike many artists on our list, their sound is even harder to try and categorize due to the fact that they continually create a new vibe or sound with their beat-making. Whatever you want to call them, My Nu Leng has successfully created a vast and eclectic platform for anything they choose to release.

There’s been a lot written about you lately… tell us one thing about you that the press has missed.

We could probably quote the majority of I’m Alan Partridge word for word.

Have a favorite track from last year?

Besides you, who else should we keep an eye on this year?

We are excited to see the inevitable Wen take over. His forthcoming EP on Keysound is going to make people notice his undeniable talent. His appreciation of grime and swing and scattered beats shines through in original production that creates a really sinister and moody vibe. His tunes always cause damage when we play out.

Any predictions for 2013, music or otherwise?

Walter White vs. Hank Schrader.

What’s next for you release-wise, and what should we look forward to in the future?

We are about to release a three-track EP out on Black Butter Records as part of their spread love series. Hopefully more remixes & releases down the line as well.