We’ve been tracking every step of Ibiza-based Burn Studios‘ residency program over the past few weeks, and they’ve just released the fourth installment of their series, in which 11 contestants vie for a few coveted club residencies on the island. In today’s episode, the guys take a master production class with David Guetta, learning a few tips and tricks on making their sound as fat as possible. But before they do, we check in with 28-year-old Spaniard Manu Vulcano, one of the lucky up-and-coming artists, to hear about his experience. Check out what he had to say, and then peep the video below.

Describe your style of production and DJing in a few words.

It is very difficult to classify my style, but I’d say minimal house and tech house. I like to DJ with a lot of energy and groove, to have my own style and sound!

What were your general expectations for the contest?

To enjoy to the maximum this experience and to learn as a DJ and as a person. And I think I fulfilled those expectations.

What was the scariest part of the Burn Studios residency experience for you?

I have to say that I have only good memories of the bootcamp. Probably the worst moment though was the evening when they chose the winners—a lot of tension!

Who do you feel you learned the most from?

You learn from all of them. Even if they don’t make your style of music, there’s always something to learn from everyone. But of everyone, I’d say I connected most with Luciano. He is what you see—transparent, humble, and a genius at connecting with people and playing the role of the DJ. An inspiration.

Quick—what’s your favorite track at the moment?

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