Well, it’s finally come to a close for the 11 participants (and three finalists) in Burn Studios‘ Ibiza residency program, which, over the summer, saw this cadre of up-and-coming DJs and producers battle it out for a few coveted club residencies on the island. Today we present all seven installments of the series that documents their sunny time in the Balearics (the last episode of which was just released today) and an interview with finalist and Privilege resident Urban Jeram. Read on to see what he had to say about the whole experience and to watch each of the video clips in the seven-part documentary.

First, where are you from and how old are you?

I am from Slovenia and am 27 years old.

Describe your style of production and DJing in a few words.

I started as a techno DJ back in ’99 and was always fond of futuristic and groovy sounds. My mission is to merge that with some strong basslines and melodies.

What were your general expectations for the contest?

The goal was simply to get some new exposure in my homeland and abroad and meet new people from the industry. If I am totally honest, I didn’t want to read the details about what would happen if I won until the final mix-offs [laughs].

What was the scariest part of the Burn Studios residency experience for you?

The whole bootcamp experience was about doing what I love the most, but it was still hard work. Our schedule was so busy that many times we didn’t know what will happen next. Burn Studios’ team really did an amazing job putting it together. There could be Carl Cox coming by sharing some experience, or one of the biggest EDM managers giving you a project to do at anytime. I think the waiting for what will happen next was the scariest part.

Who do you feel you learned the most from?

I learned so much in the past three months from all mentors. From the DJ point of view, I got some really useful tips and from Luciano and Richie Hawtin. But for me the most valuable long talks were always with Arthur Velasquez. It is an honor to have a great manager and person like him for a friend. Already missing his stories 😉

Quick—what’s your favorite track at the moment?

My whole summer has been in a way marked by the cool Julian Jeweil’s “The Gang” on Plus 8 Records.
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What was your favorite part of the experience, aside from getting the actual residency?

The Burn Studios residency victory wasn’t just about playing weekly gigs at our clubs. It was also about living the whole summer on Ibiza with all of the big names from the dance music industry. Making lots of new contacts and friendships, while having fun and living on top of Mambo Cafe with my friends was probably the best experience of my life.

How did the residency go, and what’s going to be your most lasting memory of it?

Playing the whole summer for El Row family at Privilege was remarkable. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but after a while they accepted me like a true family member and that will never be forgotten! Because their parties are all about groovy techno and tech house, I didn’t have to adapt my style so much; actually I gained quite a lot of experience there on how to handle big crowds in various situations. I will never forget the feeling when they told me that they really like me and my music and they want me to play at the El Row epicenter, ROW14, in Barcelona! There I felt the warmness of them all. Big thanks to the resident DJs, other crew members, and especially Juan and Juan Senior for everything.