As always, Beatport Play is buzzing with activity. On top of five brand-new contests, we also have words of wisdom from some of the winners of our September series, along with some thoughts from producer Seven Lions (pictured above), whose own track is featured in this month’s batch of remixable offerings.

First, for the budding producers out there looking to get their shot at some big-time recognition and dope prizes, we have a new set of tunes ripe for reworking. Win the contest for Australian singer Sam Sparro, and you’ll take home a $1000 Plugin Alliance voucher, a Sam Sparro prize pack, a Sounds to Sample Elements Library, and have your remix signed to EMI Records.

OWSLA newcomer Seven Lions offers up a slew of awesome prizes in his remix contest, too: an official OWSLA release, $500 in Beatport Credits, a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ headphones, some Beatport x Hosa DJ cables, an Acrylick x Beatport t-shirt, and a limited-edition Beatport hoodie.

Win nu-disco boss Lindstrom‘s competition and you’ll nab a Native Instruments Maschine controller, the Sounds to Sample Elements library, and an official release on Feedelity.

Dread-bass mastermind Freq Nasty‘s “Not Givin’ In” Play contest gives you a shot at winning a release on Skint, a copy of Smithson Martin Emulator Pro, and the Sounds to Sample Elements soundpack.

And in west coast house legend DJ Dan‘s contest, you can win a release on Guesthouse Music, a SampleTank 2, iRig Keys, iGrand Piano, SampleTank for iOS, a $100 Style Flip voucher, and the Sounds To Sample Elements pack.

You can preview a few of the tunes waiting to be remixed below, and head here to scope out the details and see which contest suits your fancy.

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Back in September, we offered up a few chances for rising beatsmiths to try their hand at remixing tracks from Monika Kruse, Kairo Kingdom, Flume, and Garbage, and now those results are in:

8-Colours‘ deep, percussion-laden remix of Monika Kruse’s “Namaste” took top prize in that contest while, Kairo Kingdom’s “One, Two” was reshaped into a glowing remix by Synchronice. Also, in our Halloween Producer Challenge, DevilsBreath took first place with a remix of the producer’s own track, “Bath Salts in the Candy Dish.”

Of their win in the Flume contest, duo Cosmo and Paat said, “This remix was pretty impulsive. We didn’t have much of an idea of how to even start it… Some of our favorite tracks are often written on a whim, which helps everything feel as natural as possible,” adds the pair, whose shimmering rework of Flume’s trademark tune, “Sleepless,” nabbed them the grand prize. With its warmly enticing chord progression and laid-back feel, it was only natural these Australian producers would win a contest at some point.

All the way from St. Petersburg (that’s in Russia, by the way), Konstantin Kazhev (aka Costa Cadeu) warped Garbage’s “Automatic Systematic Habit” into a alluring piece of electro house for his remix, garnering himself first prize in the process. “I’m flattered [to have won],” says Kazhev, “because this is not just a remix of a song, it’s Garbage. I mean, Garbage—the band I listened to growing up and [one that has] since continued inspiring me. It was an honor to make even a small contribution to their history.”

And lastly, we tapped SoCal producer Seven Lions to provide some inspiration and tips for those interested in the wide world of remix contests. Seeing as the man’s career was launched thanks to winning a contest for Above & Beyond’s “You Got to Go,” and now his own track is up on Beatport Play, it goes without saying the Seven Lions can provide a bit of perspective. So read up and enter this month’s big Play competitions.

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Give us a quick rundown of life in the fast lane after winning the Above & Beyond remix contest.

Life has definitely changed pace. It’s a weird thing to do something you love for so long as just a hobby, with no intentions of making it a profession. My head is still spinning.

What’s been the biggest change for you in your day-to-day since winning?

It’s actually entirely changed my day-to-day routine—music is now my full-time job. I’ve also been able to move my studio out of the bedroom and into a dedicated space. And on the weekends, I am usually out somewhere in the US or Canada on a gig. It’s been great to see a lot of places I never thought I would see.

It’s been nearly a year since your win. Has your production approach changed at all?

I think it has changed gradually over time. I am realizing the importance of mixing certain ways to make songs sound good on big systems; that was something I never really worried about before.

What’s it like to have your own remix contest on Play?

Honestly, it’s amazing. I know how much it changed my life and it is great to see someone else get that chance. The connections I made with the labels and other artists after winning the Beatport contest are amazingly valuable. I am also really excited to hear other people’s take on “Days To Come.” It’s such an emotional song and Fiora has such a unique voice, I think there will be a lot of awesome remixes to choose from.

Any tips for what you’ll be looking for within the submissions to this contest?

Anybody who knows my style knows that I like just about every genre there is, so uniqueness is always a key factor.

What do you want to do next, production-wise?

I plan on working on originals for the next few months and gearing up for a new EP early next year. Maybe a few more remixes in there as well. I’ll also be working on a few collaborations too and I’m really excited about those.