It’s maybe an odd combination of musical guests from which to glean career advice together, but hey, MK and Chuckie both hold some sway in their respective fields. The Guardian recently tapped the two for a few tips on what it takes to be a successful producer or DJ today.

“People skills are also very important—often as important as the music you make. When you work with people like Will Smith or Jay-Z, you must be able to relate to them and make them feel comfortable. The business is full of different types of people and you have to be able to suss them out and adapt,” says MK (aka NYC-based house producer Marc Kinchen).

“Stick to your own beliefs and ideals instead of doing what you think is popular and expected of you. Stay patient and work towards becoming a more rounded artist, instead of looking to become as big as possible as soon as possible,” says Chuckie (aka Clyde Sergio Narain).

But of course that’s not all they had to say. Check out the whole story here.