With each track they produce, Charlotte, North Carolina duo Clicks & Whistles can go from headphone nodders and to the center of the dancefloor. They combine UK bass, Southern hip-hop, and a payload of different flavors to arrive at their hyper-hybridized sounds.

So I have to admit to defeat when picking one of their new tracks on Frite Nite for today’s Track of the day. Both of these tracks are adorned with hefty amounts of bass, clever sound design, and a high-energy feeling. I tried to narrow it down by asking Clicks & Whistles to pick which of them gave them the toughest time in the studio… but it looks like they couldn’t pick either, so for our purposes, we’re gonna showcase “Southern Slaw.”

[bpaudio id=”3841422″]

“The tracks actually weren’t that hard to put together, especially compared to others we’ve written in the past,” says Jorge Xavier Fernandez. “On two different occasions both Petey [Evans] and I were inspired for each track under different circumstances and just wrote them fairly quickly.

“I was at home, enjoying being off of work since it was the fourth of July, and wrote most of ‘Fumando‘ in a few hours. I had found some great, quirky-sounding synths that I felt could have a track built around them, and just followed through with that. Petey was at an airport in Denver when he started writing ‘Southern Slaw’ and similarly found some cool leads that he built the track around. Later on, we both got together and finished them, adding on some elements here and there as well as finishing touches. It was actually quite a painless process overall, which is certainly not always the case for us, but sometimes we end up lucking out that way with the creative process.”