One fine day, a producer sat down and thought to himself, “Today I’m going to flawlessly remix one of the biggest dance tracks of all time” (or so we think that’s how it went down when Coyu started messing with Fatboy Slim’s legendary “Right Here, Right Now”). Some tracks are timeless, and upon hearing them you get chills no matter how many times you’ve played it. “Right Here, Right Now” is one such track.

But unlike many remixes, Coyu’s edit doesn’t extract the essence of the original. Coyu leaves in the violin melody as its foundation, but then transforms the verse into a deep and soulful tech-house smasher. The lyrics even find their way back into the track, intertwined with an addition of more housey, head-bobbing vocals. This track will almost certainly accomplish two things: make you reminisce about a haunting and sexy old-school tune, and thrust your mind and body back into the present with a tech-house swing perfectly crafted for the floor.