With a fresh remix for Deadmau5, a single for the newly minted Ciao Records, and a collection of remixes for Southern Fried in the bag so far this year, veteran Italian tunesmith Francesco Barbaglia (aka the now-solo force behind Crookers) seems likely to make 2013 just as successful as ever. Understandably, we were curious to see just what the world-class DJ/producer has been using to get floors moving as of late, and now the man has offered five specially selected—and considerably eclectic—Weekend Weapons to share. Check them out below.

This is the last remix I finished, and I’m very happy with the result. To me, it sounds like an old 2005 Crookers track with a “today” bass sound.

I’ve always been a crazy fan of Cajmere and Cajual Records. This record with Oliver $ is exactly what I love to play in dark clubs lately.

I like almost everything from Aus Music, and this Glimpse record blew my mind the first time I listened to it. Proper after-party anthem!

Home Taping Is Killing Music is the best record label name to date—dirty and effective! Every time I play this, people come and ask, “What is this?!”

The best EDM record of the week! No, I’m joking. This is the kind of classic rap I like, and I just love the vinyl rumble in the back of the record. It makes everything sound so good!