Well, if Daft Punk headlining Coachella ain’t enough to get you believing in the end of the world on Friday—wait, never mind… Okay, how about your favorite classic house and techno tracks played medley-style on a piano? Come inside and see what else we’ve got to offer in today’s news roundup.

– Rumors continue to swirling about Daft Punk’s possible headlining slot at Coachella 2013. It seems that Songkick may or may not have accidentally revealed some information they weren’t supposed to. (full story)

– Who is Davos T Funk, and why weren’t we invited to this party? The dude knocks out an incredible medley of house and techno tunes on the piano, including “Let Me Be Your Fantasy,” “Strings of Life,” “Sweet Harmony,” and tons more. Can you pick out the rest?

– Have “EDM” and dubstep peaked? Spin’s Philip Sherburne pens a thoughtful exploration on the topic, and what the year’s big dance-music milestones mean in the big picture. (full story)

– Mixmag checks out Aphex Twin’s Remote Orchestra performance at London’s Barbican Centre. (full story)

– Admit it—everyone knows a guy like this:

– Here’s an interesting commentary on gender politics in electronic-vocal music, courtesy of Dummy Mag, with artists like Laurel Halo, Maria Minerva, Planningtorock, and Holly Herndon at the center of the discourse. (full story)

– And to take you home today… One of the biggest sins committed by big-room electro artists is their regular passing-off of boring-ass live-gig footage as music videos. Thankfully, Steve Angello’s “Yeah” clip does no such thing, and brings a whole lot of fun to genre. Nice!