You’d have to be crazy to think we’d choose any song other than Daft Punk’s hugely awaited “Get Lucky” for today’s Track of the Day. We’ve been chatting it—and the album on which it will be found come May 21, Random Access Memories—up for months now, and it’s finally here in its most official, legitimate form, straight from Columbia and Daft Life Records. And oh, how sweet it is.

Truth is, ever since we got that 10-second guitar riff stuck in our heads a month ago, we’ve been fiending for the fuller, richer, more official version of “Get Lucky.” And once we heard the teaser from Coachella last weekend, featuring Pharrell Williams’ Off the Wall-era-Michael Jackson-style croon, we were immediately smitten with whatever the track would turn out to be. Turns out, these four minutes of a radio edit are all we need to tide us over til the album’s official release. Disco legend Nile Rodgers’ slick guitar work anchors “Get Lucky,” but it’s Williams’ vocals that point it skyward, and as it’s all finished off with Daft Punk’s signature funky-synth flourishes and vocoded accents, we couldn’t be happier. Bring on May!