Well, no Daft Punk show happened at SXSW—in fact, no major news from their camp happened at all there, despite anticipations—but the info faucet has been slightly loosened today, with a brief album update. Sony (the parent group of Columbia Records, which will release DP’s new full-length) has officially registered 13 tracks for the duo’s fourth studio album, and its run time is 74:40.

So, while that’s not a whole lot to go on, it’s something. Plus, just to keep whetting your appetite, we’ve got a sweet Daft Punk Teachers mix of tracks from 1977-1997 that influenced the making of their landmark Homework record. Check that one out below, and keep holding your breath for this new LP! (Big up, FACT, on this one.)

Teachers Vol. 2 tracklist
DJ Hyperactive – Tilt (Sm:)le Communications) 1996
Baby Pop – U Know What I’m Sayin’ (Relief) 1995
Boo Williams – Flashback (Relief) 1995
DJ Funk – House the Groove (Dance Mania) 1993
DJ Pierre/Roy Davis (Photon)-Give A Little Love(Wild Pitch mix)(Strictly Rhythm)1992
Mike Dunn (MD Xpress) – God Made Me Phunky (Solo) 1994
DJ Sneak – Sounds From The Pipe (Cajual) 1996
Motorbass – Ezio (Different) 1996
DJ Tonka – Give It Up (Force Inc.) 1995
Daniel Wang – Unhouse (Balihu)
Lil Louie Vega/Tony Humphries (Hardrive) – Jus’ Believe (Strictly Rhythm) 1993
Parris Mitchell/Jammin’ Gerald – Ghetto B**ty (Dance Mania) 1994
Idjut Boys – Schlamm Me (U-Star) 1996
Nick Holder – Get It Up (DNH) 1994
Joey Beltram (Code 6) – Quad II (Nu Groove) 1991
Todd Terry – Bounce To The Beat (Freeze) 1994
Todd Edwards – Push The Love (i Records) 1997
Boo Williams – Cloudburst (Relief) 1995
Paul Johnson – Y’all Stole Them Dances (Relief) 1994
Mousse T – Everybody (instrumental) (Swing City) 1996
Kenny Dope Gonzales/Lil Louie Vega (Kenlou) – The Bounce (MAW) 1995
Cajmere – Electric (Cajual) 1997
Armand van Helden – Break da 80s (Strictly Rhythm) 1994
Drexciya – Water Walker (Submerge) 1994
Glenn Underground – Beyond (Cajual) 1995
DJ Slugo – Drum to Drum (Dance Mania) 1995
Armando – Confusion’s Revenge (Muzique) 1989
DJ Deeon – Ping Pong (Dance Mania)
Neil Landstrumm – Scratch’n’Sniff (Peacefrog) 1996
Waxmaster – Ride the Pony (Dance Mania) 1997
Cajmere – Horny (Horny Toad mix) (Cajual) 1995
DJ Rush – Crusing (Dance Mania) 1991
Robert Hood – The Pace (Axis) 1994
DJ ESP – Ab Fab! (Volume) 1995
Richie Hawtin (Robotman)-Do the Doo (Plastikman Acid House remix) (Definitive) 1993
K Alexi (K.A Posse) – Stick Music (D.J International) 1990
Hardfloor – Mahogany Roots (Harthouse) 1994
Mad Mike Banks/Davina – Don’t You Want It? (Happy) 1992
Brian Wilson – ‘Music is God’s Voice’
Laurent Garnier/Shazz/Ludovic Navarre (Choice) – Acid Eiffel (Fragile) 1993