Berlin-based Dana Ruh has been a DJ and producer since 2005, but it was quitting her day job to focus solely on music last year that really kickstarted her career. Not only did she relaunch her Brouqade label with a new team and EP, but she also laid down some original tracks for Cocoon Recordings. And one such track, “Voyage,” produced with friend Andre Galluzzi, has placed her in the spotlight with its driving, dark, late-night vibe. It’s a perfect track to connect a deep warm-up into a hypnotic, dark tech set, so we’re psyched to see what she comes up with this year.

Sum up 2012 in three words.

Exciting, informative, groundbreaking.

There’s been a lot written about you lately… tell us one thing about yourself that the press has.

For one or two years I was a member in a rock band, and I [was the singer]. It was the time when I studied economics and I could not afford to buy records. Musically, I have very broad [tastes] and I wanted to keep connected to music!

Have a favorite track from last year?

Yes, and it’s not a dancefloor bomb, but it’s an amazing track. I heard it the first time and I was in love.

Besides you, who else should we keep an eye on this year?

Dragosh. He is not new to the scene but he has developed his sound and I think he is very versatile. I also look forward to new stuff from Anthea!

Any predictions for 2013, music or otherwise?

I don’t know. I just have the feeling that people are looking for new sounds. I think sound-wise we could go away from this “pop song”-styled sound. It’s starting to sound the same now—not really interesting. I wish and I hope we go back to a more club-oriented sound!