Most avid fans of electronic music probably know producer, instrumentalist, and songwriter Dan Snaith as Caribou, the guise under which he’s currently on tour with some band called Radiohead. While Caribou hit the big time with their last album, Swim, Snaith also does double-duty as Daphni, releasing dancefloor-oriented 12″s over the past few years on his Jiaolong label. His first digital Daphni release comes out on October 9th, but right now you can stream that album, named after the label itself, in full for free over at Resident Advisor.

“The music on this Daphni album was made really quickly,” Snaith told Beatport News. “The afternoon before doing a DJ set… I’d play the tracks out, and if they went over well, have them cut to vinyl the next day. I wasn’t thinking about making an album at all, so it took me a while to realize that I’d made a sizable number of tracks. It took me by surprise when I sat down and listened to them all together one day, that they sounded coherent and like a substantial body of work. I realized I was proud of the thing as a whole and wanted to share it with people in a way that would never happen off the back of a few limited 12-inches.”

Listen to the album in full here.