Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer, and Carlo Anderson first met in college before becoming Dark Sky. In 2010, their first production to hit Black Acre Records was “Something To Lose” b/w “Ghost Notes,” and it combined a diverse mix of influences. Releases that followed on Ninja Tune, Breach’s Naked Naked, and Modeselektor’s Monkeytown and 50 Weapons imprints showcased their tradition of always bringing different vibes to the table. Their latest release, Confunktion, for Tectonic, features the attention-getting B-side “Double U,” today’s Track of the Day.

“Double U” seems to take on a new sound at every turn, and stands out as a work of progression. There’s nothing extreme or abstract here; just a subtle evolution in the track’s rhythms and sound palette that make for an overall journey.

“We came to work with Pinch from Tectonic after passing him a test press of our Black Rainbows EP, and we ended up staying in touch and eventually sent over some tracks we thought would suit the sound of the label,” they told us. “‘Double U’ was actually kind of a progression from earlier tracks we’ve written, such as ‘Be Myself’ and ‘High Rise.’ The idea behind the track was mainly to experiment as much as possible with the sounds we were working with to see if we could come up with something sonically new but also rhythmically different at the same time.”