When you’re the biggest DJ in the world, playing the most gigantic festivals and working with the most famous celebrity musicians, sometimes it’s a good idea to sit back and see what you can do to further the community that has supported you in your rise to the top. So, it’s nice to see megastar David Guetta opening up his Jack Back label to its first non-Guetta release, “1234,” by German duo Spencer & Hill.

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Of course, the tune doesn’t stray too far from the sound we’ve come to expect from the French label head—big, stomping drums supported by grinding electro-house bass and stabby synth melodies. Most interesting is the digitized noise in the background of the breakdown, which resembles the buzz of an excited football stadium right at kickoff. It’s perfect for reinforcing the sound of an open-air festival crowd, where the hollers of fans quickly dissipates into the sky. Spencer & Hill certainly aren’t the first producers to utilize this “trick” to fire up an audience. Old-house producers like Second Crusade were inserting some hoots and hollers into their tunes back when a couple hundred people made up a good club night. Now, with dance music drawing hundreds of thousands of fans to a single stage, it makes sense to up the ante.