About this time last year, we brought you an edition of Weekend Weapons from London drum & bass mainstay Wilkinson. To stay on top of tradition and highlight the recent success of his fresh release “Need To Know” single that’s tearing up the D&B charts, Wilkinson returns to update us on his current dancefloor artillery for one of the year’s biggest party nights.

This is my new single that I’ve been playing since the summer. It’s always a nice moment in my set and always brings the rave down a bit before it drops again. This one is for the ladies!

This tune has been in my set since the day it arrived in my inbox. Pretty much everyone in the scene has been smashing it since it came out! The strange vocal, bendy bassline, and solid beat is perfect for every rave I’ve played at.

This one was written by my good friend and studio neighbor Cyantific. Since the day he started making this tune I knew it was going to be a rewind track—a track that takes the crowd by surprise every time. The late-’50s sci-fi film samples give it a retro quirkiness and I love it. The whole Liberty EP is amazing!

Not usually the sort of tune I play in my set, but push the pitch up to +10 and drop it out of TC’s “New Style” and it always gets a crazy reaction! The cough on the drop brings a confused/puzzled look to the dancefoor and breaks up the set really nicely. I also love 808s!

One of my favorite tunes on their new album. I love the bass sounds and the way it sounds in a club—it’s a great DJ tool!

I love the original, but Hamilton’s crafted it into a tune that is catered specifically for the D&B rave. He sent me this tune in every possible key, but the final version does it for me. It’s got a great groove to it!

I’ve been very proud to be putting this guy’s music out with Cyantific. This tune has beautiful liquid vibes but has all the bass to smash it on the dancefloor. Dimension’s got a lot in store for us and certainly one to watch out for in the near future.

I’ve always loved TC’s tunes. The drum beat in this reminds me of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Since I went on tour with TC in April, I’ve realized he’s the king of weird computerized vocal samples, and this is no exception. “I am your magic wand”—I’m sure you can work out its subtle euphemism!