Hey, we’re not saying yes or no—just check out the picture and read on to see what the deal is with this monumental meeting between the Hulkster and Diplo. Oh, and while you’re at it, check out an hour-long audio interview with Ricardo Villalobos, and see why Deadmau5 hates dubstep.

– Dancing Astronaut’s Best of Instagram feature is quite regularly a LOL-worthy affair. Today, see Laidback Luke hangin’ with Pauly D, A-Trak hangin’ with Birdman, and Diplo, well, hangin’ with a whole lotta folks. And no, he’s not collaborating with Hulk Hogan—it’s a joke, people. (full story)

– Our friends at DJ TechTools have just kicked off a new Artist Spotlight video feature, and their first episode with Arty has just been unveiled. (full story)

– The man, the myth, the legend—Ricardo Villalobos gives Red Bull Music Academy a solid hour of his time in this audio interview for their ongoing Fireside Chat series. Worth anyone’s time, we gotta say—his new album is pretty amazing. (full story)

– Does “genius” really exist? The foremost electronic-music critic of our time, Simon Reynolds, weighs in in a thinker for Slate.com. (full story)

– Numark’s latest entry into the field of controllers? The new iDJ Pro premium controller for the iPad, which you can check out in action below.

– And lastly, the headline says it all: Deadmau5 hates dubstep. Peep the video to see why.