It’s been a while since we checked in with two of the most popular faces of contemporary dance music, and it turns out that much is brewing in the Deadmau5 and Skrillex camps. Check out what’s going down after the jump.

– First up, Carl Craig talks about his favorite DJs: “Derrick May is a magician. Richie Hawtin is a magician. Ricardo Villalobos is a magician.” See who else is in the clip below.

– Heading out on the open road? Need 10 blacktop jams? DJZ has gotcha covered with tunage from Boys Noize, Busy P, Machinedrum, and more. (full story)

– Not only did Deadmau5 recently receive a gold-plated Moog synth as a gift from his fiancée, Kat Von D, but her vocals also appear on his new tune, “Satellite”—and it sounds way different than you might imagine.

– The Gaslamp Killer seems like a generally upbeat dude—so why’d he go so dark on his new video? Check it out below and see what you think.

– Skrillex is settling into a huge 11,000-square-foot warehouse/studio space in downtown LA for some serious jamming out, says Spin. (full story)

– Did someone say free Ableton Live Packs? Here’s some new ones from Whitebox Synth Makers. (full story)