Some huge announcements were made in the music-tech sector today, including new versions of Native Instruments’ Komplete and Propellerhead’s Reason. But that’s not all—we’ve also got some behind-the-scenes footage of Deadmau5’s Vibe shoot and Fatboy Slim’s parliamentary gig. Hungry for more? We’ve got some DJs You Can Eat, too.

– Well, now we know what all the fuss was about with Native Instruments’ recent mysterious teaser videos. Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate are ready to ship on March 27. Check out—yep—another teaser below. (full story)

– And if that’s not huge enough gear news for you, how about the announcement of Reason 7 from Propellerhead? (full story)

– Joris Corn? Gherkin and Cod Edwards? Grand Pasta Flash? Yep, DJs You Can Eat is our new favorite DJ-related Tumblr. (full story)

– Fatboy Slim has played some odd gigs in his career, to be sure, but never before like this one. A few days ago, the former Housemartins bassist played the British House of Commons. (full story)

– Sandwell District’s Regis and Surgeon have decided ended their silence with the 69th installment of the Fabric mix-disc series, which is due out on April 22, and, as you can expect, is comprised of some pretty dark techno. (full story)

– As you may already know, Deadmau5 is on the cover of Vibe this month, and now the mag has gone and released some behind-the-scenes footage from the cover shoot. (full story)

– Could this be the death of rave? Kode9, Lee Gamble, and other music aesthetes weighed in on the topic at the CTM Festival. (full story)

– Got a cool $115,000 to, um, blow? John Coltrane’s saxophone is up for sale on eBay. One bonus: free shipping. (full story)