It’s 2013 and Depeche Mode are gearing up to release Delta Machine, their 13th studio album, with the release of the Heaven EP. “Heaven” was written by Martin Gore, with the entire album produced by legend Flood, who has not laid his fingers on Depeche Mode’s music in the 20-odd years since Songs of Love and Devotion. For this EP, a handful of high-profile remixers (and chanteuse Owlle) were taken out of their element to bring something new to the already left-of-center-sounding single.

For today’s Track of the Day, UK-bass youngster Blawan takes a stab at the slower-than-what-he’s-used-to-working-with tune by experimenting with acid-tinged sonic textures. He keeps mostly just the chorus and adds a heavy plodding loop (think boots crunching through hard snow) with an occasional, unexpected zipper effect and some persistent rattlesnake tail-shake percussion, an echo to the already blues-tinged number (whose video you can peep below).