There’s been much ado about Mad Decent’s and Major Lazer’s appropriation of Caribbean culture over the years, and, yeah, we can see both sides of the argument. But finally, label head Diplo has spoken in greater detail on that topic. Read up on that and a whole lot more in today’s Roundup.

– For production n00bs, the concept of panning might not be the easiest thing to get your head around at first. Resident Advisor does a nice job of spelling it all out here: (full story)

– Montreal indie-electronic sensation Grimes is “tired of men who aren’t professional or even accomplished musicians continually offering to ‘help [her] out’ (without being asked), as if [she] did this by accident and [is] gonna flounder without them.” Need more words to the wise? Follow along here: (full story)

– Now recording and performing as just Carter Tutti, Throbbing Gristle alumni Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti have made their first new official track in two decades—and it’s named after a lampshade. Check out “Coolicon” below.

– Diplo tells HuffPo why “EDM is horrible and how mad decent created a culture.” (full story)

– Martyn has just posted a new mix specially tailored for his upcoming gig at MUTEK. Check it!

– Theo Parrish has just announced plans for a new label, entitled Wildheart, whose first release will feature Parrish’s compilation with legendary Afrobeat drummer Tony Allen. (full story)