Well, it’s a story that’s decades old being replayed over and over: artist doesn’t want to sign her or his tracks over to a big label, label makes its own version and passes it off as original. Today’s culprit: Will.i.am’s and Chris Brown’s “Let’s Go,” which bears quite a resemblance to Arty and Mat Zo’s “Rebound.”

– Give a listen to Will.i.am’s and Chris Brown’s new track “Let’s Go,” and tell us if you hear the resemblance to Arty and Mat Zo’s “Rebound.” If you do, there’s a good reason why: “Arty and I are not bitter about this, more surprised. We knew Will.i.am was interested in this track, but declined working with him at the time,” said Zo on his Facebook page. There’s also accusation that Will.i.am ripped off Sandro Silva’s and Quintino’s “Epic” for a different track on his new album. (full story)

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photo via Mixmag