While he’s mainly a dubstep producer, Colorado’s Dirt Monkey can be seen making frequent trips to other genres with tracks that explore glitch-hop, drum & bass, moombahton, and more. Even within dubstep itself, his productions flow from aggro floor-bangers to the kind of melodic and vocal creations found on his latest track, “Cannibal.”

“The tune actually took us a while to make,” he told us. “Initially, Tom [Shank Aaron] and I wrote the bulk of the tune one night in a caffeinated frenzy; then we sat on it for a few months, trying to come up with ideas to finish it. We went through lots of different melodies and drop ideas before I thought of sending it to Anna Yvette. I had worked with her before on a couple projects, so we were well acquainted in the music world by then. A couple weeks later she sent some scratch vocals over, I laid them into the song, and it sent chills down my spine! After that, the song came together quickly: Anna recorded the final vocals, Tom wrote that catchy, big-room lead, I went in on the mixdown, and voila! Four months later we finished the tune. In the end, I think it’s the best piece of music I’ve ever been a part of. Anna is definitely my favorite vocalist in electronic music, and Tom and I work together well and come up with crazy things, so it ended up just being the perfect storm.”