One of the UK’s hottest club tracks right now has actually been on Beatport for over 18 months!

The record in question is DJ Disciple feat. Dawn Tallman in ‘Work It Out’, which first appeared on the New York producer’s Catch 22 imprint back in October 2006.

Now the latest signing to Universal’s new House-Trained imprint is the original DJ Ruff & David Tort mixes along with Gilbert Le Funk’s chunky version, which perfectly highlight why this oh-so-simple offering from David Banks and house vocalist Dawn Tallman is finally getting a UK release.

For those that have been on another dance planet for the last year or so, the instantly familiar track that pays homage to the key dance cities around the globe atop a foundation of vintage piano ‘n’ strings.

With it recently topping both the Buzz and Coolcuts Charts this should quickly become DJ Disciple’s biggest club hit to date.