As usual, it’s been a busy weekend in the world of electronic music. Deadmau5 has got some big personal news to share way down below. But first…

– This weekend, DJ Shadow got kicked off the decks at Mansion Miami for playing “shit that’s too future for all y’all.” (Not “too confusing,” as many news sources seem to be reporting.) (full story)

– Same thing happen to you before? Here’s some handy tips on how to handle it gracefully. (full story)

– Need a year-ending taster of what Toolroom has been up to? Nicky Romero, Mark Knight, and more keep busy on the road in this installment of Toolroom TV.

– There’s a good chance you don’t have your studio monitors set up for optimal effect. Check out this handy guide, courtesy of M-Audio, on how to do it right. (full story)

– And you thought it was annoying when you couldn’t get that song out of your head for a couple days? Now your friends can impose upon you an eternity of bad listening, with this $35,000 coffin that can be programmed remotely to play whatever music its purchaser chooses. (full story)

-M4sonic gets live on two Novation Launchpads in this pretty impressive video. So what’ll you be asking for for Christmas now?

– No idea why Norfolk (England) constabulary have made this video of themselves bludgeoning a bunch of “seized rave equipment.” We’re just gonna go ahead and call this police brutality. (full story)

– Oh, and in case you’ve been waiting with bated breath to know what’s going on in Deadmau5’s love life, he just proposed to his on-off girlfriend Kat Von D on Twitter. (full story)