It almost goes without saying that Friday’s wrapup is gonna be full of good news, and that’s indeed the case today. Mixmag’s mobile app is free, and we’ve got tons of great new videos on tap from The Knife, Vondelpark, Scratcha DVA, and Brandt Bauer Frick. So let the weekend commence!

– Now that’s what we call kicking off the weekend—another new Knife video, this time for “A Tooth for an Eye.”

– DJ Shadow performing a live version of his classic “Organ Donor” on KCRW? Yep, we’ll take that, too. (full story)

– So what else is happening in Austin next week? RA gives you the lowdown on a slew of good electronic-music-friendly events. (full story)

– Vondelpark may not be R&S Records’ most beat-oriented signing, but they’re pretty wonderful nonetheless. Check out this video for their forthcoming track “California Analog Dream.”

– Leon “Scratcha DVA” Smart is one interesting dude, to say the least. Today, Resident Advisor released their inaugural Three Cuts series featuring the man himself, and three of his definitive tunes. (full story)

– You can now get a bi-weekly dose of Mixmag on your iPhone or Android device, for free!

– And to wrap it all up, here’s an inventive assemblage for Brandt Bauer Frick’s “Plastic Like Your Mother,” featuring Om’mas Keith, which lands on March 19.