This recent presidential election had a lot to do with women’s rights—and if Beatport News has any say in the matter, the club world could learn a thing or two from the ongoing debate. Fortunately, Little White Earbuds has assembled a pretty handy cheat-sheet for Mr. Grabbyhands, so read up! Oh, and we’ve also got big news from Kraftwerk, Pacha NYC, and more, all in today’s Morning Roundup—so what are you waiting for?

– DJs like Danny Tenaglia and Francois K are contributing their musical prowess to Help Heal New York, with a benefit gig this Wednesday, November 14, at Pacha NYC. All proceeds will go to the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy relief effort. (full story)

– Carl Craig talks about, among other things, his first DJ gig—which was at a family reunion—with Dubspot at Seattle’s Decibel Festival.

– Remember the other day when Richie Hawtin was given the key to the city of Windsor, Ontario, and played a gig at the Boom Boom Room that night? Well, here’s his set. (full story)

– Here are some useful tips on how not to treat females, should you gentlemen find yourselves engaging with them in a club environment, courtesy of Little White Earbuds. (full story)

GQ takes on EDC and whole of dance music’s current craze throughout middle America. (full story)

– Lastly, Kraftwerk have just announced an eight-night residency for January in their hometown of Düsseldorf, Germany, at the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen museum, according to Pitchfork. Wonder if anyone will be able to score tickets this time? (full story)