No joke: To promote last night’s State of the Union address, the White House created a short YouTube clip featuring images of Barack, Hillary, and numerical graphs flowing by to the tune of a pretty bro-y dubstep track. We seriously had to do a double-take (and a double fact-check), so click on through and judge for yourself. (And yes, we know that’s a ghastly photo illustration up top.)

– Firstly, we’re really diggin’ Red Bull Music Academy’s new H∆SHTAG$ series of short documentaries examining the phenomenon of internet-based music communities. Their latest explores the weird world of cloud rap. (full story)

– Real or Onion? The White House uses a dubstep track to promote President Obama’s State of the Union address. (Turns out it’s real. I mean, it looks super-fake, but it’s real.)

– Re: Obama and dubstep—maybe it’s because Muzak is kaput? (full story)

– Crack Magazine—no, not Cracked—speaks with legendary Detroit house producer and DJ Theo Parrish on some of the most common misconceptions about him. (full story)

– Lastly, Richard X’s “I Wanna Dance With Some Numbers,” Kaskade’s “How Will I Know (Covert Remix),” and more feature in Vibe’s observance of Whitney Houston’s death one year ago in this nice little feature on how her tracks have been adapted for the electronic dancefloor over the years. (full story)

image via Huffington Post