There’s never a dull moment on Twitter when it comes to DJs. Whether they’re cracking wise, beefing like DJ Sneak and Deadmau5, or getting caught unawares on DJsComplaining, the jetsetting DJ life has forever been transformed—and unfurled for all to see—on everyone’s favorite 140-character thought farm. So, in that spirit, here are 10 DJ Twitter accounts you should be following right now.

1. Laidback Luke
As we understand it, the guy responds to every single tweet—good or bad. In fact, the guy’s tweet count is nearing 109,000.

2. Dillon Francis
Constant references to himself being a pickle and plenty of random shout-outs (“Shout out to all the girls who have no idea what music is going on but still dance like they know”) make Dillon Francis’ (pictured above) feed a classic. Double-classic? He occasionally quotes Jamiroquai lyrics.

3. Funkagenda
Funkagenda tells it like it is, with his tongue firmly planted in cheek: “Who knew freestyle christmas rap over ‘A Kenny G Christmas’ wasn’t my strongpoint? Not me until now…”

4. DJ Sneak
DJ Sneak’s page is worth a follow, if for nothing more than his constant beefs (with the likes of Tommy Sunshine, Swedish House Mafia, and tons of others) and retweets of Illuminati posts.

5. DJsComplaining
aka #firstworldproblemsforDJs, DJsComplaining catches just that—DJs complaining (both seriously and in jest) about the always-tough jetsetter lifestyle. A recent favorite comes from ‏Funk D’Void: “The flight attendant is calling our complimentary drink champagne, when it’s clearly some type of inferior cava. Oh well.”

6. Diplo
The always-outspoken Mad Decent head sounds off on some pretty hilarious topics, retweets straight-up weirdness from around the web, and drops gems like this: “I can’t hear u right now my jacket is too loud.”

7. Resident Unvisor
It’s not updated as frequently as we’d like it to be, but that just makes its in-jokes for folks like us rarer and juicier. Producers, LOL @ this one: “Tech Tips: Make sure if you’re working ‘in the box’ that you’re digitally clipping in the red for that vintage analogue sound.”

8. Scuba
Hotflush label head Paul Rose (aka Scuba) lets loose with self-effacing tweets and more than the occasional Arsenal-related tidbit. Check it for stuff like this: “My twitter feed is 100% DJs RTing about how great they are. I realise I’m not one to talk about this…”

9. Chris Liebing
Techno statesman Chris Liebing is particularly active on Twitter, making us chuckle at posts like this: “a tweet about my beer drinking habbits cause more traffic than about my DJ gig … hmmm .. what can I make out of that?”

10. Lukid
Really, the DJ Twitterverse is less about making profound statements, and more about just making us laugh. Which is why Lukid easily makes our top 10. Our favorite Lukid post of late? “The Weeknd’s wearing his jacket indoors, he won’t feel the benefit.”

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