A day before Christmas, well-documented foodie and techno sage Dubfire released on his own SCI + TECH imprint a rework of Harvard Bass’ “Plex,” which has been burning up the Beatport’s Techno Top 10 in the past week and has created a steady hum of internet buzz. However unlikely the combination of artists may be, Dubfire’s version is, of course, impeccable, and will certainly become a weapon for DJs going forth in 2013.

Like many artists who found their own labels, Dubfire brought SCI + TECH to life in order to disseminate his favorite styles and to support budding artists on the make. Up-and-comer Harvard Bass impressed Dubfire with the original “Plex,” but he felt that he needed to tweak and work it to fit into his DJ sets. This re-work is the final version of that experiment, and you will inevitably be hooked by the aggressive bassline and plethora of drums that caught Dubfire’s attention from the outset.