If you took the first release in Bristol producer TC’s catalog and put it next to his latest, “Do You Rock?”, the progression might take a little explaining. Hits like “Rockstar” might follow the tried-and-true model of drum & bass tunes, but his latest works show a keen gift for bringing together a number of fresh and influential sounds.

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Sounds from electro house’s and dubstep’s myriad offshoots seem to combine into something altogether different under TC’s command. Genre-wise, we find it hard to nail down any specifics about his latest track other than it’s a certified crowd-rocker, ready for a peak-time slot in just about any setting. It’s a trend that TC has been leading since the start of his own imprint, Don’t Play, last year. Since then, the rate at which he has experimented with pushing towards the edges of dubstep and drum & bass seems to have hit a new level.

“With ‘Do You Rock?’, I wanted to cut down the time from creation to release, as most of my big tunes are months—even years—old before they see the light of day,” TC told us. “I was just making a batch of tunes in a kind of drumstep style. I have a couple more with a similar vibe and I always make tunes in batches. I was not really aware of the genre “trap” until it was pointed out by a couple of people, although I have been playing “Cbat” by Hudson Mohawke for ages in every DJ set. I never really think about the conflicts in genres, I just wanna make what I am feeling. I have about two years’ worth of tunes like this, too, and there just wasn’t a name for it.”