Still basking in the afterglow of early Essential Mix duties and his renowned For Club Play Only EP series, house advocate Duke Dumont looks unstoppable at the outset of 2013. But having canned the formula for unapologetic deep house with such landmarks as “The Giver” and “Street Walker,” the man lesser known as Adam Dyment uses the inaugural release for Blase Boys Club to prove that the soundtrack to Saturday night need not always be so thick-skinned.

Ebbing and flowing in a significantly more docile manner than Dumont’s previous outings, “Need U (100%)” immediately benefits from bridging the gap between steady-grooving deep house and club-friendly pop sensibilities, delivered here courtesy of 18-year-old British songstress A*M*E. Coherently coaxing the bread-and-butter potential that a solid top line can bring to a quality club production, Blase Boys Club emerge first-in-class courtesy of this toe-tapping party piece from the new-found ruler of British club land.