With last week’s release of “Redux,” Dutch brothers Victor and Stephan Leicher (aka DubVision) return to the fray and unleash another progressive-house hammer of a tune. But what do they keep in their stacks for all-out club assaults from other big-time players? Read on in today’s Weekend Weapons installment to find out.

We are big fans of melody in our productions, but we also love making them emotional and kind of dramatic. We like to take people on a journey with our music. For this remix, we tried to amplify the sphere vocals with our melody, yet give it a massive uplifting boost—what a good big-room track needs.

This track started it for us. These sound combinations as well as the vocals are so catchy, funky, and very different from all the house tracks at the time. A classic track that we often play in sets as original and mashed up.

Daft Punk are the forefathers to us when it comes to electronic music. Their beats and sounds are so funky and groovy that they are one of the biggest inspirations for us still. Their live shows are truly amazing. We like all their work, but if we have to choose a favorite, it’s “Around the World.” Wherever you play this song, the crowd goes mad!

We think Luciano is one of the biggest when it comes to melodic techno and minimal. He brings a lot of build-up emotions in his sets. This one is one of our favorites.

Thee track of 2011! The drive and clear production of this track is amazing. Also the melody is very uplifting and a little dramatic at the same time. Super drops and massive build-ups!