So, Electric Daisy Carnival took Las Vegas by storm recently, and now the numbers are in: medical reports were up, but arrests were down. Way to keep it classy, folks! C’mon in and see all the stats, plus more news from around the musical web, in today’s Morning Roundup.

– Yep, it’s true—you were a less illegal bunch this year at EDC, so give yourself a pat on the back (provided you didn’t hurt your arm or back in one of 614 medical calls, that is). (full story)

– Vibe has posted their current 10 must-hear trap tunes, featuring everyone from Carnage to Kanye. (full story)

– We’re digging this disorienting new video for Ghosting Season’s “Apophenia (feat. T E Morris),” which just came out on Fields.

– And if you dig those sun-dappled vibes, you’ll also be into this playful new clip for Dutch producer Applescal’s “Spring and Life.”

– Well, just as it started (on Twitter), Deadmau5 and Kat Von D have ended their engagement (on Twitter). (full story)

– Blond:ish hit Beatport Live tomorrow, but beforehand, someone’s gone and chatted with the DJ/production duo about “how gender doesn’t matter.” (full story)

Photo via Las Vegas Sun