Every once in a while, a track will stop you mid-conversation to ask, “What is this?” More than likely it’s a tune that doesn’t fit into any particular box, or is part of some new movement you haven’t been made aware of. Elbowstrike’s catalog covers a lot of this territory. His tempos and rhythms don’t adhere to any established style, although there are clear influences from drum and bass’ past. Tracks like “Murderation” or “Soundboy Killa” lend the same dark ambiance as ominous D&B productions, but move at a different pace and open up a new avenue of possibilities.

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Elbowstrike’s latest production is titled “Falling Down,” and although its synths have a semblance of classic D&B, its drum work pulls it closer toward hip-hop. Here’s what he had to say about it: “‘Falling Down’ was inspired by the ’80s movie by the same name [it actually came out in 1993—Ed.]. I have a stressful job and my music has very much become a source of stress relief. I’m not usually that keen on violent imagery, but the rhythm of the sample and the aggression within matched how I was feeling at the particular moment. The drums came from a live session I did with my band, Duchess Leo, three years ago. The kick drum had a great punch to it that really shined when I side-chained it with the Reese synth I made in Massive. That along with the Mavado sample became the body of the track. I like that it is minimal, yet aggressive.”